Mikolajczyk Furniture Factory LLC is the leading furniture producer in Poland. In our operations we fuse passion with business which makes our furniture one of a kind. Our company provides the highest quality of products, as well as great customer care and assembly of furniture at client's desired location. We are using advanced, modern production technology and invest in human resources – especially in young staff of ambitious and talented workers, who supervised by more experienced colleagues gain all the skills needed to continue our mission.

Mikołajczyk Furniture is:

25 years of experience in the industry

7000 m2 of production facilities

Over 100 well-trained workers

Distribution in the whole Europe

Our company has been awarded in many prestigious contests, as well as being placed in acclaimed rankings and our furniture received numerous trade awards. In Mikolajczyk Furniture we use technologies that enable production without negative influence on the natural environment and by longstanding cooperation with verified suppliers we are able to closely track origin of raw materials that are used during production.


Our furniture's style is excellent fusion of carpenter’s tradition and twenty-first century technology. We use materials such as solid wood, veneer, laminated disks and laminate HPL. Thanks to high quality materials our furniture is well-resistant to mechanical damages, scratches and moisture. Characteristics of the furniture with appropriate assembly guarantee longevity and longstanding durability of Mikolajczyk Furniture products.

Our furniture is:

  • QUALITY OF THE WORKMANSHIP - each piece of furniture is 100% handmade

  • ERGONOMY - our furniture is designed with comfort of its usage in mind

  • DURABILITY - used materials and production techonology guarantee product's longevity

  • DESIGN - every piece of furniture is designed with the highest precision

By using modern, advanced and precise machines our customers receive high quality products finished in the way of their choice (for example furniture finished in high polish technology). Our production line is stocked with modern devices of brand-leading European producers (among others: HOMAG BHX 500 processing center, HOMAG KAL 370 Ambition 2274 bander, GABBIANI GALAXY T3 panel saw, FELDER FORMAT 4 KAPPA 3200 panel saw, FELDER FORMAT 4 CNC processing center).


While offering one of a kind stylish products with great functional qualities we do not forget about appropriate level of customer care and attractive prices. Design department implements authorial projects but also create new ones that are based on client’s own idea, taking into account the characteristics of the place in which the furniture is to be assembled – hotels, offices or courts of law.

Our mobile assembly team consist of several dozens of specialists who know exacly how to properly handle furniture. Our long experience and cooperation of desingners and production engineers working on newest software, allows us to create smart sollutions which are appreciated by the most demanding institutional clients in the whole Europe. Their satisfaction provides us evidence of highest service standards offered by Mikołajczyk Furniture Factory.


Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us and quantity of satisfied clients all over the Europe is indicator of Mikołajczyk Furtniture brand quality. Our furniture can be found in many places such as hotels, offices or even courts of law or clothing stores.

Every project is optimised to fufill individual expectitions and needs in such way that usage of final product is natural, enjoyable and makes a smile on end user's face.

Wy & Spa Hotel
39 apartments
Pobierowo, Poland
Verano Hotel
60 rooms
Kołobrzeg, Poland
Palazzo Rosso Hotel
65 rooms

Moderno Hotel
110 rooms

Poznań, Poland
2013 / 2016
Topolowa Residence Hotel
15 apartments
Kraków, Poland
Borynia Palace
19 rooms
Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland
District Court of Law
Courtroom furniture procurement and assembly
Warsaw, Poland
PKP Energetyka
Completely furnished building
Katowice, Poland
Furniture procurement and assembly
Wrocław, Poland
District Court of Law
Courtroom and office furniture procurement and assembly
Szczecin, Poland
District Court of Law
Courtroom furniture procurement and assembly
Olsztyn, Poland
Myślęta Palace
30 rooms
Uzdowo, Poland
"MegaMocni" Kindergarden
completely furnished building
Lublewo Gdańskie, Poland
"Mali Odkrywcy" Kindergarden
Compleletely furnished building
Lublewo Gdańskie, Poland

PSP Watchtower
Compleletely furnished building
Słupca, Poland

City Hall
Furniture procurement and assembly
Słupca, Poland

2014 - 2016
Tomi-Tinka Shop
Completely furnished two-storey clothing store
Cuxaven, Germany
Burg Pension
45 rooms
Gardelegen, Germany
Eisenbahn Romantik Hotel
24 rooms
Meyenburg, Germany
Hotel Pension Bellevue
55 rooms
Bad Doberan, Germany
Waldhotel Rheinbach
41 rooms
Rheinbach, Germany
Kronospan Office
80 office rooms
Minsk, Belarus
Polish Consular Office in Lviv
Compleletely furnished building
Lviv, Ukraine
La Boisiere
100 apartments

80 apartments

190 apartments

Bordeaux, France
La Giranderie
115 kitchen
Tarbes, France
Universitaire Daniel Faucher
350 rooms

City Universitaire Chapou
450 rooms

City Universitaire ISAE
500 rooms

Toulouse, France
2014 - 2016
City Universitaire Limoges
150 rooms
Limoges, France
City Universitaire Heinlex
250 rooms
Saint Nazaire, France
Paris Open Palatino
550 kitchen
Paris, France
360 apartments
London, Great Britain

Hotel Topolowa Residence

Kraków, 15 completely furnished apartments, realization: 2013

Hotel Moderno

Poznań, 110 completely furnished hotel rooms, realization: 2013

Hotel Verano

Kołobrzeg, 60 completely furnished and arranged apartments, each 50 m2, realization: 2014

Pałac Borynia

Jastrzębie Zdrój, 19 rooms furnished in clasic style, realization: 2012

Hotel Wy & Spa

Pobierowo, 39 completely furnished apartments, realization: 2012

Tomi-Tinka Shop

Cuxaven - Germany, completely furnished whole two-storey clothing store, realization: 2014

Burg - Pension

Gardelegen - Germany, 45 rooms, realization: 2011

Eisenbahn Romantik Hotel

Meyenburg - Germany, 24 rooms, realization: 2010

Hotel Pension Bellevue

Bad Doberan - Germany, 55 rooms, realization: 2010

Waldhotel Rheinbach

Rheinbach - Germany, 41 rooms, realization: 2011


Our furniture has been appreciated by customers all over the Europe. We cooperate with partners in Russia, France, Great Britan, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Belarus. We are able to meet customers needs at the global and local market. Our long experience and competent team of professionalists stand out among other furniture brands.

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